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My 30+ years of knitting/crocheting has allowed me to explore and discover what women love to wear in the realm of textiles. I am a freestyle crocheter & I love to combine unique color combinations and textures to create wearable fiber art & colorful whimsical pieces that are one of a kind. I specialize in fiber wearables, accessories & apparel. I create my own designs/patterns incorporating vintage buttons and a wide variety of materials. I enjoy mixing colors in unusual ways to create depth, texture and one of a kind pieces that are versatile and fun to wear. I make everything entirely by hand & my business is a tribute to my grandmother Lily. I learned by sight very young while living with her. I was her live-in caretaker and she gave me a tremendous gift of confidence by teaching me this amazing skill! Crochet is truly my happy place, I knit on occasion too but crochet is my first love... My business is named after her and her spirit lives on through my work. I am delighted to share this gift of creativity and have lots of designs.