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My 30+ years of knitting and crocheting has allowed me to explore and discover what women love to wear in the realm of textiles/fiber wearables. I am a freestyle crocheter and create my own design/patterns.  I love incorporating vintage buttons as well as using a wide variety of materials in my work. I enjoy mixing colors in unusual ways to create depth, texture and one of a kind pieces that are versatile and fun to wear. I have exhibited my finished works in the contemporary craft festival circuit for 10 years. It has been a fun adventure traveling around the country selling my hand-crafted goods.  I'm excited to be able to connect online & expand my offerings.  My business is a tribute to my grandmother Lily. She taught me by sight while I was her live-in caretaker. She gave me a tremendous gift of confidence by teaching me this amazing skill.  Although I both knit & crochet, my focus is crochet.  It is impossible to mechanize this type of craft.   It gives me great pleasure to keep this tradition alive with my own loving hands. Creating is truly my happy place! My business is named after my nana Lily and her spirit lives on through my work. I am honored & delighted to share my gift and plan on doing more tutorials and written patterns to inspire and teach some of my techniques as well.